Principe de Asturias Award 2012 for therapeutic antibodies research

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This year the Principe de Asturias Award for technical and scientific research has been awarded to the researchers Gregory Winter and Richard A. Lerner for their important role in the study of the inmunological system, seeking new ways of use of antibodies as a therapeutic tool in order to treat very different diseases such as tumors or degenerative ones. They have achieved these advances with a hard work in the lab and investing many years so I am sure they deserve the prize. I’m going to introduce the awarded researchers because I think it’s important to know what are they doing for the advance of Science, but first I’m going to try to explain what an antibody is.

An antibody is a small protein which looks like a key which fits in other molecule called antigen. The antigen is something foreign for our organism and it’s the reason for we have allergic reactions, fever and inflammations when we contact with it. The antibodies recognize antigens which are neutralized by other components of our inmunological system if antibodies can’t do it first. Thus, if you know what an antibody is perhaps you will understand better their importance for health.

Sir Gregory Winter

One of the awarded is Sir Gregory Winter (1951), he is a british Doctor of Molecular Biology at the Medical Research Council (MRC). There he became a outstanding researcher with the creation of humanized therapeutic monoclonal antibodies which allow the treat of some diseases because of the organism doesn’t recognize the therapeutic antibodies as something foreign. He has got a lot of patents and in 1989 he founded the Cambridge Antibody Technology, a company to market this therapeutic antibodies. Later, he founded two other companies very related with the first one.

On the other hand there is the work of Richard Alan Lerner (Chicago, USA, 1938). This Doctor in Medicin who started as a researcher in the Department of Experimental Pathology at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla (California) was the first person who produced combinatorial antibody libraries so that he created the method. Furthermore, his method doesn’t need inmunization and it’s more efficient than other forms of antibodies production. Also he studies the catalytic antibodies as a new way of aceleration of tradicional reactions in inmunology. For his advances he has written many papers and has won a lot of important awards.

Richard A. Lerner

Speaking of the work of both researchers, in my opinion, Spain should learn that Science is very profitable whether it has time to achieve its goals.


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